Every Vehicle has a driver and every driver has a story

I drive a lot! And every vanity plate I see - I wonder "what does it mean??" and "Why did they choose it?" Well I decided to get to the bottom of these questions on Trista's PL8STORY Podcast. Take a listen or nominate a plate, including yours, to be featured on a future episode.


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If you got a postcard from me, let's chat about having you on a future episode of Trista's PL8STORY Podcast. Schedule a time that works for you.

Or have a plate you want to nominate for PL8STORY podcast, just fill out the form below. I'll reach out within a week to 10 days to set up a time to chat. 

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You can subscribe to the Pl8Story Podcast by searching for "PL8story"  on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, or in your podcast player. A new episode comes out every week. 

Each week we feature a different vanity license plate owner and find out the story about why they chose their plate. It can be quite surprising! 

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Our guests and listeners have great things to say so far!

Richard Pini co-creator of ElfQuest - Episode 6 ELFQUEST - Trista's PL8STORY Podcast

This is so much fun! I’d forgotten how lively the whole evening was, and you’re a master surgeon to get this down to half (or less) its original time....Thank you again!

- Richard Pini (Ep 6 ELFQUEST)

Sue Bowles One Step Ahead Ep 13 RAGMFFN Trista's PL8STORY Podcast

Trista and I recorded an episode last night. She is a fantastic host, knows her stuff, and is a breath of fresh air with a unique focus. Help brighten the world by sharing your PL8STORY on her show! Thanks, again, Trista, and glad you joined us here!

- Sue Bowles (Ep 13 RAGMFFN)

Ralph Kranz board member of - Ep 19 TRIPAWD - Trista's PL8STORY Podcast

Thank you so much for putting together such a great video. Jim and Rene also thought you did a great job and appreciated how it came out. They called last night after viewing it to tell us how much then appreciated it. It was great that you had the pictures of each dog when we were talking about them. We will be sharing this as much as possible. Thank you.

- Ralph Kranz (Ep 19 TRIPAWD)

Recent Apple Podcast Reviews

Apple Podcast 5 star review for Trista's PL8STORY Podcast   Erik G Allen was interviewed on Trista's PL8STORY Podcast he hosts 2 Podcasts - TRMMA and Bearded BizApple Podcast Review of Trista's PL8STORY Podcast - Great concept! Well executed. With podcasts about anything and everything, it’s still hard to find one that breaks the stereotypical format. PL8STORY does just that! And does it well, with interesting stories of everyday individual with incredible insight to share about their passions.    Apple Podcast Review of Trista's PL8STORY Podcast - A fresh approach Really enjoyed this podcast. Every vanity plate should have a story behind it, and Trista has taken a golden opportunity in seeking out people to hear and share their stories. This podcast is refreshing and will only get better.

Apple Podcast Review of Trista's PL8STORY Podcast. Great idea Who would think to tell the story behind the plate. Great idea and interesting.   


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