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“Don’t look any further than your own reflection for a hero”
– Allyson Partridge

where are you looking for breakthroughs in performance?

  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Goal Setting and Action Plan Implementation
  • Creating Leaders and Leading Teams
  • Staying Motivated No Matter What
  • Communication and Listening Skills
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Juggling Life and Family
  • Mindset
  • Accountability

I have over 10 years working with and coaching Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. My clients are CEOs, Solo-Preneurs and Network Marketing Business Owners. If you need to up your game as a Business Owner and Entrepreneur or learn proven steps to jump into the Self-Generating, Self-Motivating pool then let's set up a call. The first one is completely free. SCHEDULE IT NOW.

Trista Polo - Speaker Trainer, Coach

Trista Polo - Entrepreneur and Business Coach

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Client Testimonials

    • Clara V Rodriguez - Yoga Instructor, Author, Speaker

      I am so grateful for Trista Polo's Coaching

      "Trista is a phenomenal coach. She has an amazing ability to hear and see what’s in the way of me generating the results I say I want. She brings the blocks to the forefront and we address them together so I can move past them and produce results. Trista’s coaching and style is straightforward and direct yet with kindness and love. With Trista’s leadership and coaching, I’ve been able to, for the first time in 5 years, generate new customers and partners and take consistent actions to build my business. I have tried to build businesses in the past and this is the first time that I am confident that I am building a wealth generating vehicle for myself and my family. I am so grateful for Trista Polo’s coaching.”

      Clara V. Rodriguez,
      Author of VIBRANT HAPPY YOU
    • Sharon Herring - Herring Septic

      Trista brings out the (best) parts of you

      Trista Polo is the Marketing Coach from heaven (hell).  What a wonder she is!  If you are lucky that Trista agrees to work with you and take on your mission, she gives you 120% of herself.  Trista will wrap you in her heart and mission always thinking of ways to improve you and help you follow your goals.
      So what if you lose motivation and want to take a break.  OH NO NO NO!  She won’t let you fall off track.  Once you decide you want her, she keeps you motivated and makes sure that you know why and what your wants and desires were and still are.
      Do you have problems?  Do you need to brain storm a situation?  Trista Polo is the person.  When you finally break down and ask her, it happens and is so amazing.  She listens and asks the most  amazing questions that stimulate your brain and heart.  Trista makes you realize why you’re stuck and in need of a second opinion.  Not only will YOU find a solution, it will be amazing that the solution came from you.  Trista brings out the most incredible parts of you and is so very positive about it.   
      If you are involved in Human Resource issues or need help managing your personal,  Trista will be able to help you navigate everything from job descriptions to salary limits.  Trista will help you with hiring, firing and disciplinary problems.  I have used her in all of these scenarios and Trista has proven herself to be kind, considerate, helpful but most importantly discreet.  
      Let’s talk money.  Trista is reasonably priced and considerate of your needs and financial limits.  Whatever you can afford to pay her, do so.  You will never regret it or letting her into your inner you.

      Sharon B. Herring,
    • Holly Goff - Owner of Oh Sew Perfect - Hudson Valley NY

      Thank you for helping me move forward!

      "With Trista’s guidance and “gentle pushes” I was able to tackle all things business that I was avoiding. I have a home based sewing/alterations business and if it’s not hands on, I’m avoiding it. Trista offered lots of advice on working from home, insisting I make a schedule for my own sanity, how I should handle social media, client schedules and money.
      Trista is easy to talk with and listened to the thoughts that I had in my head. She turned those thoughts into the perfect website for me. Simple one page site with photos and contact page. I believe I said “the simpler the better”.  It’s also comforting to know that if I have any questions, Trista is just an email or phone call away.
      Thank you Trista for taking the time to help me move forward!

      Holly Goff,
      Owner of OH SEW PERFECT

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