Do you have the crucial key to success?

if you have been searching for and working toward success for any length of time, then you probably think you know what the key to success is. but the fact is, if you are struggling to reach the goals you set for yourself time and time again, chances are you haven't discovered it yet.

here's what it's not...

  • It is not doing everything 10x more than you used to
  • it is not writing it down into a goal or vision statement
  • it is not hidden in your why
  • it is not locked inside a book, video or seminar
  • it is not inside of the next person you recruit onto your team

before you reject what I am saying, think about it. all of those things are TOOLS to access success. but they are not the key to success. the key to success is like rose colored glasses. it is the thing that clouds your vision, colors your words and determines your actions. 

and without it no amount of 10x, goal statements, why workshops, vision boards or seminars will give you the access to success you seek. 

there is one thing. one secret that every successful person has.

and it is not possible to be successful without it.

Trista Polo - Business Coach, Marketing Coach, Team Leadership Coach

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