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We are Shopping Annuity Pioneers. As Shop.com Consultants, we are teaching people how to turn their spending into earning. Over 40 million dollars has been saved in the form of cash back by our customers and owners. That doesn't hold a candle, though, to the income earned by those that have chosen to follow a Shopping Annuity lifestyle. It doesn't require you to cut calories or join a gym. And there's definitely no expensive overhead involved.

We simply CHOOSE to buy from ourselves and link up with others that do the same. By purchasing from ourselves and linking with our neighbors who buy from themselves, we turn the word CONSUMERISM into a powerful concept. We are no longer households that EARN and SPEND. We are Shopping Annuity Members who create WEALTH with every one of our buying power dollars.

Russell and I have earned the distinction of being named Shopping Annuity Master Members. Recently, we were invited to attend a Shopping Annuity Boot Camp with Chairman and Founder, JR Ridinger. We spent a weekend in Hershey, PA learning the Shopping Annuity concept so we could take it to the world.

Our goal is to redefine what the average family looks like. Experts say there is no longer a middle class - with uncertain employment, rising costs of living and gaps in retirement savings families put on a brave face as they suffer at home.

We are changing that. Banding together as one consumer force, we are building a Shopping Annuity asset that is residual, will-able and substantial. We can only win together.

Shopping Annuity Boot Camp with JR Ridinger Carl Eklund and Ryan Stack

 Join us on this journey. Become a shopping annuity pioneer and become part of a wave that will wash away mediocrity and turn average families into financial success stories. 

Trista Polo

Trista Polo - Leader, Trainer, Coach

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Russell Polo - Leader, Trainer, Coach

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