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Welcome to the Gratitude Blog Hop! I'm so glad you are here! 

I have taken on a 6 week challenge, starting May 2, 2017, where I will publicly post my gratitude list each day for 6 weeks. When I went out to the internet in search of a Blog Hop to join I came up short. The last one was from 2011 and closed to new participants. 

So I decided to start my own and hope you will join me! 

What is a Blog Hop - It's a great way to share similar content and create community around a common theme. Similar to Sub Reddits, Pinterest Groups and Facebook Groups, it brings like minded people together. It has the added bonus of creating more traffic for your blog as members of the Blog Hop are encouraged to not only share their post but read the posts of others.

This is a DAILY BLOG HOP! So each Gratitude Post will be open for 1 day...but never fear, there will be another one tomorrow! You can add your blog post about gratitude, positivity, miracles, Law of Attraction, power of prayer, or really anything that is adjacent to gratitude. Or, you can join me in a daily gratitude post challenge. Whatever you have to share I'm thankful for! If you are not the blogging sort, would you help me share so it reaches those that are? You can pin this page, share it to Facebook, Tweet about it or a little insta-action. =) Thank you for helping me stay grateful and thankful. 

To participate in the Blog Hop, go to my BLOG PAGE and find today's Gratitude post. 

You can add the Gratitude Blog Hop to your web page or side bar using this image - 

Gratitude Blog Hop Thumbnail for Use on Your Blog

The first Blog Hop I ever did was with Blog Paws for my According to Bella blog. They have a Wordless Wednesday blog that is meant to be photos only. If you have a pet related blog, feel free to check it out here. They have a great tutorial video including why you would participate in a Blog Hop.  Here is the video below - 


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