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Date: 4/25/2017 3:27 PM PDT

I recently heard about Credit Karma - a website/mobile app that helps you improve your credit score. I was surprised when I learned it was FREE. 

My friend Jim Bieber, of told me about this app. He's been using it for over 5 years as a way to monitor activity and keep his credit score in an upwardly mobile direction.

I asked him what he liked best about it. Here's what he said:
Jim Bieber of

1 - Shows multiple credit scores
2 - reflects most current information
3 - breaks down your credit score into sections
4 - The analysis tool that walks you through "what if" scenarios so you can see how your credit could change if you did something both positive or negative
5 - Recommendations for improving your credit

So, I did some research of my own.

First the app is free because they offer you credit cards and other products that if you purchase they get a kick-back. So that's how they make money.

Second, they offer advice on how to raise your score and what most impacts a score. This advice is considered advertising because one of the options is to transfer balances. But it is sound advice for the most part...and many swear by the balance transfer as a way to go to play the interest cancellation game.

Third, I like the breakdown of how my credit "health" is looking. From the Average Age of Credit to the Overall Credit Utilization, it's helpful to see the information broken down the way that it is.

What to expect:
You'll be asked for information about your name, address, etc. so they can find your info in the credit reporting agencies they are referencing (Experian and TransUnion). They will pull some of your credit history and ask you to verify it with 3 multiple choice questions. Two are about the same line on the report. First is a loan you have and second is the payment range reported for that loan. Don't guess. I did that and guessed wrong. I had to go to my online banking to get the actual payment to ensure I had it correct. Luckily, they gave me another shot at it. 

Once you have verified you are who you say you are, they will ask you for the address, phone, email and last 4 digits of your SSN. If they can't find it with the last 4 they'll ask for the full number. 

You'll get 2 scores from TransUnion and the other from Equifax. Each one is ranked between POOR and EXCELLENT (or 300 to 850 score). Then you can see the factors leading to the score you have. 

I was a mortgage loan officer for many years and reading a credit report is challenging. In addition, it's rare that you get access to it unless you are going for a loan or line of credit. You typically want to keep your inquiries at a minimum as they can affect your score. However, this is a credit score simulation so there is no inquiry ding on your credit with Credit Karma.

If you want to monitor your credit, I find this to be a great tool to use to do so. As an informed consumer, you can decide if you want to take any of their credit card and loan offers.

If getting OUT of debt is a priority to you, check out the Debt Shredder.

Share what you do to ensure that your credit stays on the "healthy" side.

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Date: 4/17/2017 12:29 PM PDT

In this new series, I will teach the Basic 5 - The PROVEN System for Success - in 5 minutes!

5-in-5 using the Fiber Lush Mascara Phenomenon! 

I belong to several groups that keep me up to date on all things Shopping Annuity. That way I never miss an important announcement or opportunity. Recently, I saw that the Motives Cosmetics Fiber Lush Mascara was coming back in stock on April 24th. It was launched in February and a YEAR SUPPLY sold out in 40 days. 

The Basic 5 training says that you need 5 activities going at once to build a successful Shopping Annuity.

They are ...

Attitude and Knowledge

Goals and Goal Setting


Prospecting, Recruiting and Sponsoring

Follow Up and Duplication
Here's how we can accomplish the Basic 5 with the Motives Cosmetics Fiber Lush Mascara!

Attitude and Knowledge: 

I'm on the boards and see the announcement. I love mascara and love Motives Cosmetics and use it daily, so my Attitude is already in the right place. (Attitude DONE!)

But I don't know much about this product. So I go to the website and learn about it. I watch a few video demos on YouTube and find out that this product is only 1 step instead of 2. It works great and doesn't flake. It's also buildable to give whatever final look you want from "Hey Now!" to "WOW!" The photo results are undeniable!...

And if it was that popular the first time around, I can get in on this excitement in just a few short days. So now I am excited and have some knowledge about this product. (Knowledge DONE!)

Goals and Goal Setting:

I decide to take advantage of this awesome product and its popularity. (Make a Decision DONE!)

I need to set a goal so I can track my progress. Since I'm not a Beauty Advisor for Motives or Make Up Artist (MUA), I choose a realistic goal for me that is also a stretch. I decide I'm going to get 10 pre-orders in addition to my own. (Set a Goal DONE!)

I created a tracking sheet so I can follow my progress and keep track of the orders. (Write the Goal Down DONE!).

I thought about all the ways I could get this product in front of people and what actions steps to take. I came up with the following:

Share on my Facebook feed

Share on my groups and pages

Share on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media channels

Share with friends and family over Easter weekend

Share with friends in my Networking circles

Grow group/page likes as a result of this promotion

See if there are any videos on Youtube demoing it and share those videos

(Create an Action Plan DONE!)


I'm collecting pre-orders because the product isn't back in stock yet. It's as easy as talking about this product (based on the attitude, knowledge and goals I created) and asking if they know anyone that would be interested in this type of product. For the social media posts, I'm asking people to comment if they want to pre-order. I need 10 people to agree to pre-order. So far as of the writing of this blog post,  I'm at 4 so I'm almost half way there! Once the product is back in stock on April 24th, I'll fulfill all the pre-orders.

This a great opportunity to invite people to become my customer and I can even include some info about Motives or a sample when I deliver the product.

I can deliver the product in person or via mail. So when I get the pre-order I'll need to make sure I have their contact info. So far so good! (Retailing DONE!)

Prospecting, Recruiting and Sponsoring:

This is really just about keeping the funnel filled with potential partners. It's not about YOU it's about who you know. So when I'm talking about this awesome product, I'm asking if people know MUAs that may want to know about it for their customers. I am also reaching out to MUAs that I know as a way for them to evaluate our Motives line to use in their own professional make-up service offerings.

These conversations could lead to referrals or opportunities to create business expansion through new partnerships. (Prospecting DONE!)

When I find someone that loves the product or line of makeup and skin care, I will offer them an opportunity to look at the business behind it. There's a lot of income to be made for a beauty professional. They will make retail profit on the products and residuals as well. (Recruiting DONE!)

If these potential partners have interest then we will talk about a date to get them started with their own Motives Cosmetics income stream and begin implementing the Motives Cosmetics system into their current makeup business. (Sponsoring DONE!)

Follow Up and Duplication:

Initial follow up will be with everyone that comments on my social media posts. Then, once my new pre-order customers receive the Motives Cosmetics Fiber Lush Mascara, I will want to check in with them to ensure they are able to get the results promised. I will have opportunities to follow up about additional makeup needs, reorders and even interest in products in other areas that we offer. (Follow Up DONE!)

This is such a great idea and so easy to implement! So I shared it with my team on our weekly video conference training. Some of them have already begun sharing the posts with family and friends as well as on Facebook. (Duplication DONE!)

BASIC 5 Training DONE! ;-)

What is your biggest take-away from this example?

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Date: 4/16/2017 6:24 PM PDT

This is a great video I wanted to share. It's from the CEO of and the Shopping Annuity.
Here's the description from JR's blog -

"Anyone who attended World Conference remembers me speaking at length about the Uberization of the Shopping Annuity. This essentially means the Shopping Annuity will continue to become easier and more convenient – to the point that it becomes an addictive service (much like Uber) that you can’t do without. Everything we do is geared towards making the Shopping Annuity bigger, better, and easier to utilize for this very reason.
Eventually you’ll be able to do the Shopping Annuity Assessment then practically push a button to get the goods and services you need to ensure you’re converting your spending into earning. We’re getting closer and closer to that reality each day. With our digital aggregation and tracking system, we’re able to match product to people and people to product like never before – meaning the Shopping Annuity is poised for tremendous growth in the digital age.
As the Shopping Annuity becomes more effortless and efficient, it’s going to continue to grow and spread exponentially until we have an entire arena full of Directors. Of this I have no doubt. That’s just how confident I am in the Shopping Annuity and your ability to wield your power as a consumer.
The company Uber essentially came out of nowhere to become the largest taxi company in the world – and they don’t even own a single taxi. I see the same growth potential with the Shopping Annuity because just like Uber it represents a giant leap in thought and a paradigm shift that’s changing the world. Just think what will happen when the Shopping Annuity grows to the point that it’s second nature and almost effortless to accomplish! To learn more about the Uberization of the Shopping Annuity, register for a free webinar.

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Date: 4/16/2017 4:45 PM PDT

It's funny - if you asked me what I do I would tell you I work with teams of people. The thing is, on a day to day basis I'm alone a lot. I have meetings, trainings, conference calls, webinars...but those are all scheduled throughout the week. What about the grind...the hours each day that I'm supposed to be working from home, killing it and churning out results.

It's pretty isolating for me. And a bit demotivating. I have tried a lot of things to motivate me...reading my goal statement, staring at my vision board, joining an accountability team to keep me in action. It all works to a point.

Then I found the Power Hour and it changed my business and skyrocketed my results.

What it did was create TEAM in the day to day grind that I usually do alone. Now there are other options and I've tried them all!

Starbucks - the music is SO LOUD and it's weird...people are talking and talking but when YOU are talking on the phone, it's like you're the one being rude.

Panera - ones the most popular solo preneur place to work, they now limit the online time during lunch rush to minimize the thing that brought them to their height in the first place.

Work Hives - they aren't free, plus around me there isn't one closer than 30 minutes away (and believe me, I'm enough of a road warrior to work 30 minutes from home during my from-home work time)

Library - SHHHHHH - no calls please.

My car - no wifi and the traffic can be a bitch! ;-)

Outside at a park - I LOVE this on a nice day but the lack of wifi and plentiful bugs make it a short term...and seasonal choice.

So here's how the Power Hour goes down. We get together via Zoom video conference and we work! Each of us is in our own space, usually our homes. Often we will carve out 90 minutes and declare what we will accomplish so we can add some accountability to the company. We use the Chat to share wins.

Best of all, there are always a few seasoned Entrepreneurs each session, so if one of us is stuck on something, we can ask for coaching and support.

If you're using the Power Hour for making calls...which is what most of us use it are some tips to get yourself set up for your next Power Hour...

Getting Ready for a Power Hour Call Workshop
What You’ll Need
1. Names List of 10-30 people

2. Power Hour Call Workshop Tracking Sheet (1)

3. Lead Sheets (10)

4. Pen

5. Fully charged phone

6. Laptop, computer, tablet with camera/audio functionality

7. Internet connection

8. A drink of your choosing

9. Distraction-free space

10. Positive Attitude

11. Willingness to be coachable

What to Do

1. First you want to have a list of people to call or text…do this PRIOR to the Power Hour - Create a list of 10-30 people to call including their names and phone numbers.

2. Before the scheduled session, print out a tracking sheet for your Power Hour to keep track of your session results. You may also want to have a Lead Sheet so you can up your follow-up game.

3. Next you want to have a space to work that is quiet and clear of interruptions - no pets or kids that can pull you away from this chunk of time. “Mommy’s going to work” should be your mindset.

4. When your Power Hour Call Workshop time has come, go to the link Trista or other team member sent (probably a link) and join in the meeting. You’ll need to have your audio and camera enabled on your computer. I recommend a cup of coffee or glass of water too =) and of course a pen and print outs from steps above

5. Have fun! Be ready to ...
- Declare how many calls you will be making during the Power Hour Call Workshop
- Be in action
- Put a pin in whatever is going on that could distract or derail you during this hour
- Ask for coaching if you get VM only for 15 minutes
- Ask for coaching if you get a very negative call or 3 nos in a row

You can CALL or TEXT during this session. A TEXT should be to ask for a good time to call. The calls can be invites to an event, following up on a customer purchase or any of the work you do for your business. At least 80% of the time spent should be ACTION and no more than 20% administrative calls.

These calls should NOT be about…
Calling business partners
Playing on Facebook
Making calls of topics

We have room for you! If you want to be part of our next Power Hour, comment below!

I'd also love to hear the ways YOU stay productive during your work hours.

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Date: 3/29/2017 6:49 PM PDT

This is a video that was shared on Facebook Live during the holiday shopping season. It's just as relevant throughout the rest of the year.
We take a bottle of wine with us to dinner parties, family gatherings and Wine and Wellness events. So we like to have it on hand to avoid having to stop and purchase at a competitor's store.
The website, through site, gives cash back and builds the shopping annuity. Plus, with my trick, you can get great prices on really good wine.
Check out the video and let me know what you think.
Another great tip I have learned since making this video is using to purchase wine. Same cash back but some great deals on pre-boxed sets of wine by type (red wine, white wine, etc.)
What is your favorite wine to drink when learning? ;-)

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Date: 3/20/2017 6:43 PM PDT has a unique gift giving service that can be harnessed for a unique and powerful fundraising opportunity. Check out the video to learn how to ...

Set up a free preferred customer account
Share the site with supporters to create lifetime 1/2% cash back rewards for the non profit
Give gifts that will never be too big, too small or on the return list.

Which non-profit organization would you like to benefit with your shopping dollars?

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Date: 3/13/2017 6:15 AM PDT

If you do any networking then you know the time is a valuable piece of your marketing. It's a great way to make new contacts, deepen relationships and much more cost effective in dollars than traditional marketing. But your TIME is even more valuable than money because once you use it ... it's GONE! So make sure to use your time wisely when you attend an event....especially one where you know few people. These ideas work great for Chamber events, Meet-up meetings, BNI open networking and Le Tip meetings.

Walk around like you own the place - this is something I learned a long time ago that helps me get over nervousness at not knowing anyone. Rather than hanging close to the person that invited me (which is what I used to do), I imagine that this is MY party and it's MY responsibility to make sure everyone has a great time. It helps me walk up to a stranger and say - how's it going? are you enjoying yourself? what brings you here tonight? - all great ice-breaker questions.

How are you? - I use questions to get to know the person. It helps me stay in control of the conversation without over powering them. My favorite questions at a networking event are things like- what do you do? how did you get into that line of work? what's your favorite kind of project/job/etc.? what is a perfect referral for you? what do you do to make the chamber work for you? how else do you get business besides networking events? And of course - be prepared to answer these same questions =) but for me it's always about learning about them...I can always do a follow up call to pitch them my product so I never try to do that at a networking event. And by taking an interest in them I leave a stronger impression than if I impress them with my knowledge.

3 is better than 2 - When you want to enter a group of people always go for the 3 person group rather than a 2 person pair. There is always someone not fully engaged when you have 3 people in a conversation - identify that person and you are not interrupting (a single person is also great b/c you are rescuing them from standing alone!)

Strictly Business - Some people use chamber events as a way to party after work. I see this as a business meeting so I save the glass of wine for when I get home. It keeps my head clear. Go for seltzer, add some cranberry and lime if you want to spice it up. This isn't the time to get loopy. Even with one glass to be social, you could miss an important detail that would have led to a really big opportunity. If alcohol makes you flirtatious, super honest or even worse mean and angry - even more reason to abstain. 

Do you have a card? - If you are just getting started, you may not have business cards yet. If this is the case, when someone asks if you have a card, let them know that they are being printed but you would like to take their card and then you will send them an email with your contact information. This is a great way to set an automatic follow-up. Then use the back of their card to take notes on your conversation and reference it later in future meetings.
These ideas will help you have the confidence and posture to make your networking opportunities work most effectively for you.

In what ways do you make your networking opportunities work for you? How do you work the Networking scene?

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Date: 3/7/2017 6:32 PM PST

Women always compliment me on my professional but subtle makeup look. It's perfect for speaking engagements in front of small and large crowds.

Here's my secret!

Check out the contouring video, including some of the tricks I use, including a smoothing primer and my absolute favorite mascara of all time!

Here's a shopping list if you want to duplicate this look:

Thanks Hello Fritzie, Motives, Loren Ridinger and La La!

What's your favorite Motives look?

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Date: 2/13/2017 8:23 AM PST

Anything you do will have high points and low points. Just like the seasons change, so does the energy, commitment, passion about your job or business. The important thing to remember is that spring always comes and YOU are in charge of your attitude...even if everything else feels out of your control.

So,what do you do when you are in a “low point”?

- Make a list of what you are grateful for RIGHT NOW
- Read your goal statement more often
- Create a new vision board or spend time with your current one
- Listen to audios (books, podcasts, etc.) that program your brain for positivity, action and manifestation
- Attend a training in your field
- Reach out and offer support or service to a team member or co-worker or employee
- Get some self care – pamper yourself (even if it's a nice quite evening at home with a cup of tea - it doesn't have to be expensive to be effective)
- Take action … a little bit is better than none...reach out and say hello to a favorite customer or something else you enjoy doing in your business
- Change up your circumstances (new ppl, new patterns, new experiences to change the energy and shake things up)
- DON’T let it create a new pattern – notice it and move out of it asap
How to avoid them happening too often:
- Make sure you are feeding your brain to ensure you know you DESERVE success and have BELIEF in yourself and the business
- Go big but not so big that you put your physical well-being to the side…your body WILL demand recharge if you ignore it for too long
- Read your goal statement as many times a day as you need to (minimum 2x but more if you are having an off or bad day)
- Do a little bit – even if your schedule is filled with lots of non-MA stuff…you can find 5 minutes here and there to follow up with a customer, bring up the business, mention online shopping to a new contact…the goal is to NEVER let a whole day go by that you keep your mouth completely closed…if your mouth is closed your business is closed

What do you do to get out of your slumps?

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Date: 1/16/2017 8:01 AM PST


I teamed up with Yvette Yeomans for a new podcast on Network Marketing because we have a lot of FAILURE to share that has led us and continues to lead us to success.

Did You Know? 13.8% of households have a home-based business.  But it's important to find a good fit when deciding on a business.

This first episode we wanted to start at the beginning - Is Network Marketing for You? It is an amazing opportunity but let's face it, it's not for everyone.

I invite you to listen to the entire episode here via Itunes or you can access the direct file at The Team Dash site

Here's a summary of this episode.

Beware of Dream Stealers! We discuss how to spot them and how to succeed in spite of their helpful support and protection.

Success tip: Work first with people outside of your immediate circle as they will be your warmest.

How to know if your company is a good fit for you...answer these questions to help you decide:

 -  Do you prefer in person or behind the computer?

 -  Do you want your end user to be purchasing a product or becoming a member of your company?

 -  Do you want to do home parties and presentations or prefer one on one consultations?

 -  Do you prefer consumables or collections?

 -  What is the investment for this company?

Here are the 3 things you MUST have to succeed:

1. Accountability - if it is to be it's up to me! You will have much more success if you are accountable to others. Team is a great way to go when you are working toward something you need to build.

2. Positivity and Mindset - do you want to hang around with people that sap your energy? Positive is a choice so choose to be positive and hang out with others that choose the same. Stay coachable and willing to learn.

3. Knowing Your Why - It has nothing to do with the things you can buy. There is no price tag on your why. It comes from inside. Listen to episode 2 for more info on finding your why. The ability to communicate your passion, your why, your vision and your company's opportunity will have the most success with the least effort.

What do you see as important keys to success in a Network Marketing business?

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