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Date: 7/11/2017 6:33 PM PDT

It's Amazon Prime day! Everywhere I went today it was part of the conversation. Who was purchasing, what they were buying and what deals they were getting.

I listened to each of these shoppers and thought of the brilliant marketing Amazon created - they turned buying online (a very solitary action) to a community event where we can all come together for one common goal - buying stuff at a good price and having it delivered quickly and for free.

The community that Amazon so brilliantly created is making Jeff Bezos and Amazon stockholders rich. It is closing retail stores by the thousands. It is changing the economy as we knew it.

And yet - people still struggle financially. Debt continues to go up. Student Loans are choking Millennials and the parents they still live with.

I am boycotting Amazon Prime Day! Instead, I have chosen the SHOPPING ANNUITY community. We are Super Consumers who get great prices, fast shipping and free delivery. And we get paid for every purchase we make.

Right now, Amazon Prime users (and traditional retail shoppers) go to work and earn a paycheck that may be as little as half what their offer letter noted. They spend retail dollars for the goods they purchase...just to spend it again when the product runs out, is replaced by better technology or overshadowed by the newest fashion trend.

80-85% of the money you are spending on products covers the cost of selling that product to you through marketing, celebrity endorsements and product placements.

And even though you worked hard, living pay check to pay check to raise your family, you get ZERO
 benefit for your spending power. 

You are a VICTIM of consumerism. You don't feel like a victim, though right? You feel loved by the credit card companies offering you rewards for swiping their card. You feel privileged that a voice activated tower will send you toilet paper on your command. You feel powerful behind the wheel of your favorite leading man's pick for road trips.

But it's an illusion. We are trading feeling good for freedom. It is just another vice like all the other vices in our lives.

I have plenty of vices, don't get me wrong. But Consumerism is no longer one of them.

I'm choosing to be a new kind of Consumer - a Super Consumer.

I take my buying power (about 40% of what I make every month) and buy from myself. I learn how to shop from one central place so I can pool my buying power with millions of others and create a willable income I can leave as a legacy when I die. I harness the internet to support local business owner s(myself and my neighbors).

Community - Shopping - Financial Freedom. 

It's call the Shopping Annuity and it's the community I choose, because it's the only community that makes me a SUPER CONSUMER.

If you want to learn more about being a SUPER CONSUMER and the SHOPPING ANNUITY, comment below or send me a note and I'll invite you our next webinar.

So what'd you get on Prime Day?

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Date: 5/22/2017 4:31 AM PDT

Well - I had a bit of a Gratitude Challenge blunder. I got wrapped up on some stuff that led to a Gratitude Fast...I have been off Gratitude for 7 days...and I haven't lost a pound!

In honor of the new week, I'm jumping back in. So here's my Gratitude Post for today!

Today I'm grateful and thankful now that ...

  • I am back on the Gratitude train!
  • I got to spend some time with my grandmother yesterday
  • I got to hear my grandmother sing for the first time
  • I got to see my dad and step-mom this weekend and we had an awesome visit
  • I got the title replaced for my sister's car so the buyers can take it home 
  • Quinn is staying with us while her dog-mom is out of town and she is as loving and playful as ever
  • Bella got to go on her first bike ride of the season (well it's more like a bike run!)
  • We had a great improv/birthday show on Friday in New Paltz with a record number of guests
  • We had an awesome group of students for our class on Saturday
  • I felt like a TV producer as the MeetOn pilot but got plenty of time with the mic too
  • My oil is changed, tires are rotated and inspection is complete - thank you R&C Auto!
  • We had a great Shopping Annuity Info call last night with Millionaire, Gigi S - great crowd and awesome information.
  • I have declared a new life I'm creating - I'm done creating a life where I deal with upset, anger and resentment. The rest of my life I'm creating joy, ease and freedom as my default...not as my reprieve. 
  • Russell has a new car and it runs great - plus he got a great deal on it!

On Mother's Day, I got to say what I was GRATEFUL for with the moms in my life and it got me thinking...I would like to share what I'm grateful for about others in my life too! So some of my posts will have a special Gratitude Shout-Out to someone special in my life...randomly generated. I was going to go in some sort of order, but then I was frozen with whom to pick first...ack!

Today My Gratitude for Aunt Kathie hits the spotlight!

I'm grateful for my Aunt Kathie because...
  • Kathie is a successful woman in business - a great role model for me and others that respect her
  • Kathie gave her life to teaching for many years, changing lives and impacting future leaders
  • Kathie is an amazing cook and you can taste the love she puts in every meal
  • Kathie is someone I love talking to - we can talk about anything in her life or mine
  • Kathie is smart in life, nutrition and business
  • Kathie is a killer gluten-free cook
  • Kathie created a legacy and a name that will live on in the memories of the Cumberland Valley community
  • Kathie is beloved and honored by famous and talented artists around the globe
  • Kathie is a great wife, step-mother, sister and Aunt
  • Kathie honors her family among all others.
Love you Aunt Kathie!

See Gratitude Blog Hop description here to decide if you want to join in.
Join the Gratitude Blog Hope below if you want to add your blog to the hop - I hope you will =)
It's just 2 simple steps...

FIRST - Join the blog hop by filling out the form
SECOND - add the GET CODE HTML to YOUR blog so we expand our reach exponentially.

What are you grateful for? Please share with me =)

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Date: 5/14/2017 7:09 AM PDT

I saw a version of this quote on Pinterest today....

And it got me gratitude list has been about what is already created. What about the power of what is available to create! So from now on my Gratitude Journal will be a mix of what is already created and what is being created. I'm not going to distinguish between the two b/c my sub-conscious doesn't know the difference so I don't want to point it out. And when you read the list and you assume it's ALL true, well that will just add to the creation power of it, won't it? Good stuff! Ok - let's go!

Today I'm grateful and thankful now that...
  • Bella is pooped from a bike ride 
  • I get to have a belated Mother's Day with my grandmother, step-mother and aunt (and some guys too LOL) 
  • My bed is comfy cozy
  • My house is sold OVER asking and every step of the process is EASY BREEZY
  • I found the perfect place for us to call our next home - it has EVERYTHING on the list!
  • I have 100 participants on my Gratitude Blog Hop
  • I have cracked the Shopping Annuity code - not only are Russell and I Shopping Annuity Master Members, we have 100 Master Members on our team
  • I get paid for EVERYTHING we buy and everything our neighbors buy - and so do they
  • I am getting better every day at making powerful requests
  • I'm renewed for another year of BNI 
  • BNI has made a huge difference in my business and brings in at least 1 referral per month that turns into a new Debt Shredder client
  • My friends always and only want the best for me at all times
  • Life is good even in the hard times because the magic rises up to meet me
  • My life is a game and I'm a WINNER!
  • I get to perform in an Improv show this weekend

See Gratitude Blog Hop description here to decide if you want to join in.
Join the Gratitude Blog Hope below if you want to add your blog to the hop - I hope you will =)
It's just 2 simple steps...

FIRST - Join the blog hop by filling out the form
SECOND - add the GET CODE HTML to YOUR blog so we expand our reach exponentially

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Date: 5/14/2017 6:38 AM PDT

Good morning! Happy Mother's Day! Lot's to be grateful for today!

Today I'm grateful and thankful now that...

  • I get to see my mom for Mother's Day
  • My mom and I have developed a friendship that has grown throughout the years so I can truly be with her as an amazing woman and (rarely) get triggered by the mom buttons from my childhood
  • My mom is a strong woman that can survive anything and gives me unconditional love each and every day, no matter what
  • My mom is a provider for her family and never lets her circumstances get in the way of that
  • My mom makes a huge difference in the lives of those she touches through work, family and her volunteering
  • My mom loves to sing and create music with me - most of which is gibberish which makes me love it more
  • My mom taught me how to harmonize and sing along with whatever song is on (you're welcome world! LOL)
  • My mom is an amazing grandma and loves her grandchild more than I ever thought possible
  • My mom works to better herself daily and expand beyond the limitations she used to think were the truth
  • I get to watch my sister Dava enjoy mother's day with only 1 child for the 2nd and LAST time =D
  • My sister Dava is a patient and loving mom 
  • I get to watch my sister Dava with her son because of social media and video conferencing
  • Dava wants 4 kids and is about to have her second
  • Dava should turn pregnancy into a job b/c she's so good at it
  • Dava is a creator and has a life exactly as she chooses it every single day
  • Dava makes a difference for her students, family and everyone in her life
  • The mother of my heart, Mary Beth, gets to spend Mother's day with her mom
  • Mary Beth loves me more than I would think possible
  • Mary Beth is an unending and vast ocean of gratitude toward me and I always feel special beyond words when she is around
  • Mary Beth makes my dad the happiest man in the world 
  • Mary Beth shows me what it's like to be a contribution to others, expecting nothing in return
  • Mary Beth always makes things beautiful and my life is more beautiful with her in it
  • My grandmother, Edna, is on my agenda for next weekend
  • Edna made the best ribs in the world and I can still taste them after all these years
  • Edna's eyes light up when she sees me, even if she doesn't remember my name
  • I got to spend most of my Thanksgivings with Edna and the most special ones were when it was just Russell, her and me at a restaurant, enjoying all you can eat everything
  • Edna showed me the power of a woman entrepreneur with matter of fact success and unlimited money flowing from her at all times (usually hundies LOL)
  • I own my dog-mom status, something I could never do in the past 
  • Lots of moms are giving their Sunday to be of service to me and others - at restaurants, gas stations, hotels, seminars, stores and more
  • I had a wonderful dream about my house having tons of amazing energy, drawing countless people to it - and my Grandma Marty was in the dream so it's nice to know she is near by 
  • Grandma Marty taught me to knit and crochet
  • Grandma Marty gave me my love of purple
  • Grandma Marty watches over me and I'm reminded of that every day with the Angel picture I got at Kathie's Christmas all those years ago (thanks Purella)
  • My mother-in-law Colleen's love of her boys
  • Colleen's trips to NY to visit and see my improv shows
  • Colleen's love of Zumba!
  • My sister in law Elsa's hospitality
  • Elsa's ability to raise 3 energetic boys and give each of them the kind of love they need to flourish
  • I hit the jackpot with family - it has so many amazing Moms that mean the world to me - My Aunts, Cousins and beyond and the wonderful and priceless memories from the past and present that we create from busy schedules and full lives
  • The Thanksgivings, the Christmases, the caroling in 10 part harmony, the game nights, the dinners, the brunches, the surprise celebrations, the lunches, the birthdays, the retirements, the Galas, the weekends the stop ins, the pass-bys, the visits, the movies, the talks and of course the too many to count glasses of wine...
  • I get to see people this weekend that are super special to me and whom I credit with some of the most transformative breakthroughs of my entire life
  • Lisa E made a priceless difference for me yesterday and is going to be THE BEST MOM ever
What Moms are you grateful for most today and why? Please share with me =)

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Date: 5/13/2017 5:15 AM PDT

Today I'm grateful and thankful now that...

  • I got to meet Cookie, the dog
  • I will be expanding my communication this weekend in NJ 
  • We had a wonderful home-cooked dinner of chicken, salad and Angry Orchard
  • The banking app finally works on my phone
  • I had a wonderful breakfast meeting with a BNI Networking partner
  • I have shared my home on Facebook to expand the reach of the listing
  • A Realtor friend saw the post and have buyers that want to live in this area
  • Someone is coming to see the car we have for sale tomorrow
  • Online shopping can help create miracles out of last minute to do lists
  • Same day/next day delivery with online stores
  • Showing today! 
  • I had a big salad and chicken last night and it was delicious!
  • Russell did the dishes
What are you grateful for? Please share with me =)

See Gratitude Blog Hop description here to decide if you want to join in.
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Date: 5/12/2017 9:09 AM PDT

It's almost lunch time! So I'll get right to it then.

Today I'm grateful and thankful now that....

  • I had a great conversation with a gratitude specialist, Bardi Toto-Drake - she is a real contribution and is a gratitude expert!
  • Evon connected me to Bardi after she saw my first Gratitude Blog post - thanks Evon!
  • I'm expanding my gratitude practice from myself to others
  • I get to see people I love this weekend
  • I get to see people I love next weekend
  • Facebook marketplace rocks for selling stuff
  • More showings for my house scheduled for the weekend
  • Russell filled the bird feeders and I have a view of lots of varieties today as I write this
  • The dogwoods are beautiful outside my window
  • I created a social media planning calendar in Excel that does exactly what I need and is easy to use
  • Bella and Quinn got to play for hours last night - love a good reunion
  • I'm a positive person with lots to be thankful for
  • It's a sunny warm day
  • I have crossed some lingering stuff off my to do list today
  • My friend Melissa is a STAND that I do all I am capable of doing in my life 
  • Strong successful and entrepreneurial women are plentiful in my life
  • Dava gets to have her 2nd Mothers Day - her last with only her first child <3
  • When I ASK others for help, I can feel their want to support me
  • I finally understand what it means to be your true authentic self when you show up as a leader - just goes to show that when the student is ready the teacher will to read about some great female leaders yesterday and that's the bottom line. BE YOURSELF EVERYONE ELSE IS TAKEN!
  • I spent the day with no fewer than 3 dogs and a cat yesterday...that's a great day!
  • This AM before I woke up, Boris was sleeping on my arm and Bella was sleeping under it - I have very cuddly fanimals that never sleep on my face (bonus!)
  • My house is still CLEAN!
  • The laundry is my bitch! LOL
Well that's a great place to end I think!

What are you grateful for? Please share with me =)

See Gratitude Blog Hop description here to decide if you want to join in.
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Date: 5/11/2017 5:18 AM PDT

I'm solidly into the 2nd week of this challenge and I have to say I'm overall more positive and less easily stressed. I have listed my house for sale and gotten a cold - two things out of my typical routine - and I am still managing myself and my to do list (which has many more tidy up items than usual LOL).

So here's today's list...

Today I'm grateful and thankful now that...

  • The Magic Eraser really is magic!
  • I have batteries for my new mouse (wow that took a minute!)
  • My neighbor has my back
  • Bella gets to see Quinn today!
  • My house looks amazing and smells great too!
  • This list has a lot of (!) in it today! LOL
  • I had my BNI Appraisal yesterday and man that was fun! Thanks Membership Committee!
  • Conan at MA WebCenters Tech Support was awesome helping me through Live Chat - most fun I ever had and we got all the tough stuff done - My mobile home page gallery no longer reminds me of the Kryptonian criminals in Superman (think trapped in glass, floating in the Phantom Zone)
  • We had a great ZOOM training last night and if you weren't there you missed something really special ;-)
  • I met Jim for lunch for a catch up and some light training 
  • This list is short not because I have so little to be grateful for but because I'm short on time =)

Ok - now you! Help me stay motivated on this Gratitude Challenge journey...please share something you are grateful for in the comments so I know you are with me in gratitude. =) Better yet, if you have a blog you can share please Hop with me.

See Gratitude Blog Hop description here to decide if you want to join in.
Join the Gratitude Blog Hope below if you want to add your blog to the hop - I hope you will =)

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Date: 5/10/2017 2:56 AM PDT

Good morning!

Today is the 8th day of my Gratitude Challenge and Blog Hop!

Have you read any of my blog posts about what I'm grateful for? Have you been grateful for anything of your own?

I have a request as I start the 2nd week...please comment or blog hop with me. I truly believe that if we all share our gratitude with each other we can expand the power of that gratitude 100 times, giving us all much more bank for our buck(itutde).

Please help me stay motivated with this challenge and comment today about what you are grateful for, what lights you up, what you love about your life! And if you blog about gratitude, positivity, power of prayer or any related topic, please add your blog to this hop so we can share with each other.

Thank you!

Ok now, onto my gratitude!

Today I'm grateful and thankful now that...

  • We have had our first showing of our house
  • I have a killer BNI Sales Manager Minute for our visitors day (imagine learning about the time value of money with one of your favorite tasks as the real-life example!) and of course, any excuse to sing my super catchy tune ;-)
  • Some of this is mine! ---->>
  • I am wearing another great find from the Dress for Success Inventory Reduction Sale
  • We have more showings today
  • Bella spent 1/2 day at Doggie Day Care and was so pooped she didn't even have energy to play with Dozer!
  • Olivia Li gave an awesome overview of the Shopping Annuity last night and was quite impactful
  • Olivia Li complimented me on the presentation she saw me give a few months ago in Maywood NJ - quite a wonderful thing to hear a compliment from a leader that retired from her 6 figure Wall St. job at 23!
  • I met some new (and re met some old) contacts at the Women's Prosperity Network luncheon yesterday plus got some great feedback about my business
  • The cold I had is lifting and I'm feeling much better today!
  • It's 5:24am and I'm ready to go to my BNI meeting, writing my Gratitude Blog and drinking my morning cocktail ---->
  • I have 448 followers on Pinterest!
  • My tweets are being liked and RT'd
  • My weekly Local Coordinator Check List for our June 10th training is already completed for this week!
  • The Shopping Annuity Intro Call is full through end of June and filling up for July and August with speakers like Pauline Cheng and Pam Bowling =)
  • I can find anything on Google - I'm a Master Gooogl'er!
  • Britney Spears, John C. Maxwell and The Mindy Project follow me on Twitter
  • 4 people saved my Day 3 Gratitude Journal on Pinterest <3
  • People come up to me at local events and say - did you get my email? I'm happy to help out...what ever you need! =D
  • Every day a new person compliments me on my hair - "Love the color! Yes, it does look like Cherry Coke!" LOL
  • I'm in love with my eyelashes and they are really creating a stir out there in the world
Ok - now you! Help me stay motivated on this Gratitude Challenge journey...please share something you are grateful for in the comments so I know you are with me in gratitude. =) Better yet, if you have a blog you can share please Hop with me.

See Day 1 for full explanation of my challenge HERE
Join the Gratitude Challenge Blog Here...

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Date: 5/8/2017 8:37 PM PDT

Today I'm grateful and thankful now that...

  • My house is listed for sale
  • Russell is home safely from Ocean City
  • I had a great improv rehearsal
  • Bella and Boris kept me company while I continued to get well soon
  • Russell brought me cold medicine
  • My bed has comfy cozy blankets
  • My Ipad brings me good TV in bed
  • Out of touch friends got back in touch
  • I have 3 new speakers scheduled for future Shopping Annuity Intro calls
  • 2 people are scheduled to see my house tomorrow
  • I'm scheduled to be a committed listener for a Landmark Worldwide Advanced Communication course this weekend
  • I am participating in a Mastermind tomorrow
  • I had a great 1-2-1 today that could result in some referrals in the near future
  • Quinn is feeling better and ready for a play date with Bella (their first reunion since Quinn was in the woods for 3 days)
  • I got paid to IMPROV!
What are you grateful for today?

See Day 1 for full explanation of my challenge HERE
Join the Gratitude Challenge Blog Here...

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Date: 5/7/2017 11:50 AM PDT

Well I'm a bit late on this post but my excuse is I'm under the weather. In fact, I'd much rather complain about all the things that are annoying me. My annoyances are screaming in my body like my skin is on alert.

But that's the day you need to focus on GRATITUDE the most right? Because that will bring you back to center.

So, reluctantly here it goes...

Please join me in a GRATITUDE BLOG HOP! Let's share our gratitude related posts because when we are grateful together, our gratitude exponentially expands!

Today I'm grateful and thankful now that....

  • From yesterday - I got to enjoy a residential safari when I visited my friend Yvette!
  • I had an opportunity to perform improv last night 
  • Even though I was sick yesterday, I'm quite proud of my improv performance even though every name I cam up with for my scene partner was an iteration of John b/c my brain was a bit foggy
  • My show director, Johanna, ensured I had a back up for the show and checked in with me multiple times to make sure I felt well enough to continue...a safety net that made me feel secure in giving each game my ALL because I didn't feel I had to SAVE myself for the whole show
  • BNI Roundtable friends came with their friends so I had 5 people at the show as a result of my invitation - it was their first time seeing us perform and their feedback was positive. Thanks for coming to the show Debra, Steve, Peter, Karen, Tony and everyone in the audience!
  • One audience member made a point to tell me he thought I was a stand-out....Improv is a group dynamic but with the way I was feeling physically it was wonderful to hear that my performance warranted compliments
  • I have great friends in my Improv troupe...last night I got to perform with Michael, Brett, Elaine, Gail and Johanna and Victoria came to the show to support
  • Lots of compliments on my funky perfect for improv Dress for Success Inventory Reduction shoes - like anyone should ever wear these shoes for an interview! (but they do go with everything...because they have every color in them)
  • My get better after show meal was matzoh ball soup, baked potato and tea - a perfect get better dinner after not eating much all day - and Michael treated!
  • Lisa helped me straighten up our garage for a couple of hours, a generous and wonderful thing - and because I wasn't feeling well she kept making me sit down and just direct her =)
  • Bella - while a terrible bed side manner - has been by my side 
  • Lisa brought me cold medicine and her special Isotonix get-well mix both of which I have been taking and have been helping greatly
  • I have plenty of food in the fridge so I can eat things that are good for me and gluten free without having to go out of the house - eggs, Amy's frozen one bowls, kale
  • I found the tea strainer! so I can have plenty of tea to keep my throat coated and soothed and warm
  • My couch is a comfy place to nap
  • Russell is on his way home from Ocean City MD 
  • He DIDN'T get taffy (a yearly tradition) because he found it it has wheat in it
Ok I'm still annoyed but the sting is gone so I guess it already started working =)

See Day 1 for full explanation of my challenge HERE
Join the Gratitude Challenge Blog Here...

Does gratitude work to help you get over feeling annoyed? What other ways to you use?

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